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What is Ombi?

Ombi is a self-hosted web application that automatically gives your shared Plex or Emby users the ability to request content by themselves! Ombi can be linked to multiple TV Show and Movie DVR tools to create a seamless end-to-end experience for your users.

That's great and all, but how?

  1. 1. User visits website and requests content
  2. 2. Ombi matches request and sends to DVR app
  3. 3. DVR app retreives content and pushes to Plex/Emby

  4. (there's also a demo )

Screenshots? ok.

I'm ready. How do I install it?

Here you go!

There's also a mobile app!

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Who made this? Can I thank them?

Ombi is made by Jamie Rees and contributors. This site is made by Louis.
You can donate to Jamie here:

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HAAAALP! I'm stuck!

There's probably someone out there who can help you.
Check Discord, or report an issue on GitHub.

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